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The springs on your garage door are one of the most important moving parts on your garage door, and one of the most common parts to break. If you have a broken spring the door will not go up. Springs are designed to counter balance the weight of your garage door. The garage door opener is only designed to lift/push 35 pounds when your garage door springs are properly installed your door should be counter balanced at about 12-18 pounds. You should always call a professional technician to do any work on your door but especially the springs as they can be very dangerous. I only use top quality torsion springs and I guarantee all my labor and parts. The springs I use are hot oil tempered as opposed to cold rolled steel.


The rollers on your door are an important part of the door, bad rollers can cause the door to be very noisy as well as impair the function of your garage door. There are several different types of rollers some are just plastic some are steel and some are nylon. The rollers I use are the nylon rollers they have bearings in them are are very quite. If the bearings in the rollers are bad they can cause a lot of noise and can actually fall off. Having the rollers checked regularly can prevent major damage to the door and other parts.


The cables on the garage door attach to the bottom section and are what allows the springs to lift the door. If the cables are frayed or broken the door will not operate as it is designed to or not at all and can be very dangerous. Never attempt to replace springs if you do not know what you are doing they can cause serious injury. All parts I use are top quality and the cables are no exception.


The bearing on your garage door serve a very important part. The tube that the springs are attached to goes through the bearings and allows the door to open\close freely. If your bearings are worn out they can be very noisy but more importantly can cause major damage to the door and the other moving parts. Having the bearings checked regularly are a must, and should be changed with the springs.


The tracks on your garage door is what the rollers are in that allows the door to open\close. If the tracks are bent or damage this can cause the door to not operate properly and should be replaced.



The hinges on the door are what hold the sections together if they are broken or damaged they can also cause the door to not function properly. Lubricating the hinges can help them work with less friction and can extend the life of them.


If you have a damaged section this will not let the door open close properly and should be looked at by a professional. If you have a damaged section sometimes they can be replaced without replacing the whole door.


Your garage door opener is only designed to lift\push 35 pounds if the other parts on the door are worn or broken this can cause the opener to work harder then it it designed to and can burn up the motor. Having all the parts checked a few times a year can help the opener extend its life by having all other parts in good working condition.

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